Finding the right photography service to capture the memories of your event is nearly as much of a challenge as planning the party itself. At Double G, we can take the stress out of that selection. For many years, our photo department has simplified the process for our clients. Our professional photographers are as much a part of our staff as our entertainers, and the chemistry and rapport among our staff gives them a unique advantage that will work in your favor. Years of experience working together lend our photographers an ability to know when the entertainers are creating a moment your guests will treasure and you'll want to remember. They will work with your party instead of against it, as pleasant and unobtrusive observers who will immortalize your event without becoming an interference in it. Their strong creative vision means that they approach taking each photograph with not only that single shot in mind, but also considering the overall composition of your album and enlargements from the start. With their up-to-date digital photo-taking process, a single party can produce 400-800 shots, all of which you'll be able to preapprove before anything is printed. This technology also enables our team to display photojournalistic shots instantly on our plasmas at your event, mere minutes after they've been taken and while the moment is still fresh in your guests' minds. Our team of creative professionals has the ability, talent and instinct to capture each special moment of your event and present a finished product that you and your family will be able to treasure for years to come.